Welcome to Nalderun

Nalderun is a Dja Dja Wurrung word meaning “Altogether”

Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation is a service that supports the Aboriginal Community, led by Aboriginal people. We are excited to announce that we are now also a member of Neighbourhood House Victoria.

We run many services that support the person and family.  We feel it is important to actively listen to the community and they will tell us what they need. We are also involved in many services for the rest of the community. Many people in the Mount Alexander community are also incredibly supportive of us, this is why our name means altogether.

Dja Dja Wurrung are the Traditional Caretakers of the Mount Alexander Shire, the family within the Mount Alexander Shire is the Nelson Family and our Elder is Uncle Rick Nelson.

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Welcome to Country Requests

Please be aware that Welcome to Country are only performed by the Traditional Custodians of this land. We can forward your details onto Uncle Rick Nelson here at Nalderun through info@nalderun.net.au or please contact him directly on 0484608693.

Alternatively you need to go through Djaara Corporation and their online form here.  If you have any queries please discuss this directly with Uncle Rick or the Djaara Corporation. This is not part of the Nalderun service.

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Thank you for visiting us online at Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation. We have recently become a corporation and charity and are undergoing some exciting transformations and growth. We value your time and interest and encourage you to keep checking back as our website is currently under review and will be evolving to reflect our development over the coming months. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated and deadly humans who have and continue to support our work of being and becoming an organisation where we advocate for Country, Individuals, Mob and the broader Community to thrive through Education and support.

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The Aunty and Uncle Mentoring Program is supported by the Victorian Government.