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Nalderun have created a dynamic platform to provide access to a large range of educational resources and curriculum to assist teachers and those with a love of learning in how to engage with Indigenous Pedagogies.

This curriculum is written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers and educators. All rights to any curriculum remains the property of the author as Nalderun does not own this knowledge. The curriculum needs to be delivered as written in order to maintain the integrity of the content. The author has the right to remove and or edit as necessary. Any teacher can also upload their own work below, for approval by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers & educators. They can choose to have it published on the website, or just approved and returned.

Indigenous Relational World Views and Pedagogy Training

This training run by Nalderun is primarily for early childhood, schools and educational purposes. It discusses Indigenous ways of seeing and being in the world, Indigenous pedagogies and using Indigenous protocols to introduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content. For enquiries about fees or further information please contact

Indigenous Pedagogies:

Types of:

  • 8 ways pedagogies
  • Possum skin
  • Uncle Ernie

Australian and Victorian Curriculum:

Part of the expectation for educators and teachers to have an understanding of Indigenous Pedagogy and using of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander content through our protocols.

How this page works:

Free curriculum or resources for anyone to use

Resources for trained educators

Those who have done the Indigenous World View and Pedagogies training can have access to a large amount of resources compiled mostly by Aunty Julie McHale who has tirelessly worked for over 40 years in this space and has written curriculum to share as long as she is always acknowledged. Because this is a shared domain you will also find curriculum written by other Educators who you also need to reference using Aboriginal protocols when using their materials.

Resources for paid members

Paid yearly membership for certain educational packages that Aunty Julie McHale created and with all proceeds going directly back to Aunty Julie herself. For example:

  • From Gumnuts to Buttons – a massive package that includes the history of the Dja Dja Wurrung people
  • Aunty Julies Koori Games – content and materials – along with access to equipment that can be loaned.
  • A compilation of teachings
  • Bush tucker plants book and resources
  • Native bees
  • Indigenous animals
  • Bush tucker package

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