Murnong Mammas


MENUS (May-June)

Morning or Afternoon Tea Menu

*Choose 4 of the following:
*Wattleseed Butter Biscuits
*Lemon Myrtle Shortbreads
*Chocolate Mini-Cupcakes with Riberry and Wattleseed Cream Cheese Icing
*Cinnamon Myrtle Muffins
*Muntrie Muffins
*Kutjera Savory Scones (with or without meat)
*Salami and Watercrackers with Kutjera (Bush Tomato) Relish
*Cheese and Watercrackers with Wattleseed Balsamic Onion Marmalade
*Wattleseed Anzac Biscuits

Light Lunch Menu

*Choose 3 of the following (#is served with each order)
*Ham and Salad Sandwich with Kutjera (Bush Tomato) Relish
*Salami and Salad Sandwich with Wild Lime and Chilli Sauce
*Corned Beef and Salad Sandwich with Wattleseed Mustard
*Lemon Aspen Pesto, Grilled Mountain Pepper Leaf Capsicum and Salad
*Mini Bush Tomato Pizzas
#Fruit and Cheese Platter with Water Crackers

Vegan Full Lunch Menu

*Choose 3 of the following (#is served with each order)
*Roasted Cauliflower with Mountain Pepperberry, crispy kale and pine nuts
*Puy Lentil Salad, served with red onions, currents, with roasted pepita and wattleseeds, served with a lime and apple cider vinegar,
*Riberry and Cinnamon Roasted chickpea salad served with pumpkin and sweet potato,
*Moroccan Eggplant casserole, cooked with Cinnamon Myrtle, vegetables and bush tomato,
#Mixed Green Salad,
#A Selection of Breads

Full Lunch Menu

*Choose 4 0f the following (#is served with each order)
*Anti Pasta Platter-Roasted capsicum marinated in strawberry gum, pumpkin and mountain pepper hummus served with bruschetta brushed with olive oil and cinnamon myrtle, feta cheese marinated in aniseed myrtle, olives, roasted cauliflower with pine nuts, Pesto and Lemon Myrtle dip,
*Mini Kangaroo Burgers filled with Greens and a Bush Tomato Sauce,
*Homemade Kangaroo and Kutjera (Bush Tomato)Sausage Rolls with sweet green capsicum, aniseed myrtle and mountain pepper leaf.
*Roasted Vegetable Frittata,
*Pizza served with a Bush Tomato Napoli, topped with Greens and Goats Cheese and Salt Bush,
*Butter Wattle Seed Biscuits, or Lemon Myrtle Shortbread and Mini Cup Cakes with a Cream Cheese and Wattle Seed Icing,
#Cheese and Fruit Platter served with Finger Limes and Native Mint
#Mixed Green Salad

Datimdatim (Boomerang) and Wai-kalk (Wattle) Time

Here are the 4 basic menus for May-June. The prices are as follows:

Morning or Afternoon Tea or Light Lunch:

Less than 20 heads-$200
20-35 heads- $400
35-50 heads- $500
50-100 heads- $650 + $10 per head over 100

Vegan Full Lunch

Less than 20 heads-$250
20-35 heads-$450
35-50 heads-$600
50-100 heads-$650 + $15 per head over 55
100+ heads-$800 + $15 per head over 100

Full Lunch

Less than 20 heads-$300
20-35 heads-$450
35-50 heads-$700
50-100 heads-$900 + $25 per head over 55
100+ heads-$700 + $25 per head over 100

**Transportation beyond Castlemaine $75
**Gluten Free and/or Lactose Free add $5 per head